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Coming To America?

Prince William, teenage heartthrob and heir to the British throne, seems to have inherited not only his mother's good looks, but her quirkiness too.

Now, according to at least one newspaper in London, he wants to go where no one in his position has gone before - to America. And whether that's a real possibility or not, America, or at least some of it, seems to want him. CBS News Correspondent Mark Phillips reports.

Atoosa Rubenstein, editor of Cosmo Girl, says "Americans are going to be so excited to have Prince William on their soil. Everybody wants to take care of him. He's so gorgeous."

Yes, but if it's some semblance of privacy that William is seeking after he finishes his university course in Scotland, would New York really be the place to settle? Already the prince, who turns 21 next month, is getting plenty of unsolicited advice.

Donald Trump says, "The media would love him. He's a great looking guy. He's smart. He's comes from nice parents. He's got a lot going for him, probably more than anybody."

At Buckingham Palace, the plan, according to un-named sources quoted by the Sunday Mirror, would be for William to take a post graduate business degree or work at one of the big art auction houses. These are worthy enough ambitions for a royal heir, but not the traditional road to the throne. It's certainly not the one followed by his father.

Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine says, "Prince Charles is keen for him to go into the armed forces because it presents the kind of discipline that you can't get anywhere else and its very good training, regardless of whether you want to do it for the rest of your life or not."

But discipline may not be at the heart of Prince William's current agenda. He is, after all, near - or perhaps at - the top of the eligible bachelor list. Friends are quoted as saying the girl he's been seen with, Kate Middleton, is just a friend. He could have a lot of such friends in New York.

Rubenstein says, "Prince William coming to the us means that millions and millions of girls have a chance at being the next queen of England. That's pretty amazing, an American queen of England."

Probably too amazing, actually. Still, it could be fun for a while.

Seward says, "William is not going to frolic around in public with someone that's his girlfriend; he's far too canny to do that. He's much more likely to be seen in public with someone who isn't his girlfriend."

And, of course, it's impossible to talk about William without a mention of his mother, Diana. The late princess, too, was often said to crave the alleged anonymity that New York supposedly might offer. She never got to do it. Her son has time to think about it.

He doesn't graduate until the summer of 2005. Until then, he can consider all the advice he's already getting.

Former Mayor of New York Ed Koch says, "I'd tell 'Willy,' get a job in city government, you'd love it. You'd absolutely love it. It's the pinnacle of jobs here in New York City."

And it's not as though he'll need the money. William will inherit the first lump of his fortune next month, too - about $5 million.

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