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Comedic musical advice on how to (not) "woo" women

(CBS News) If you want to take a master's course in everything you should never do when attempting to "woo" a lady, you could probably follow me around for a few days. Or, less stalker-ish and creepy, you can click play on the video above and get your learn and laugh on.

I personally tend to charm women with my amazing air guitar renditions, but may need to try this faux strumming of an actual guitar out sometime... Oh, geez, you're back! Sorry, I was just thinking aloud for a second there. Where were we, again? Oh, wait, I've got it. Getting back on track...

The tongue-in-cheek approach to dating advice entitled "What Women Want" comes courtesy of Rhett and Linkwho have wooed their way into our hearts many times here at The Feed, and features both of them along with Chester See and Kassem G. And just in case the point wasn't totally clear before: you should probably do the exact opposite of everything highlighted. Got it? Good. With that out of the way, if you'd like to check out more music and hijinks from Rhett and Link, you can see our previous posts here or you can go to their YouTube page here.

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