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Column: Palin In Overtime: 15 Minutes Of Fame Dwindling

This story was written by Claire Taylor, The Lariat

Despite her unsuccessful run for vice president, Sarah Palin won't go away. The woman who wouldn't give interviews for weeks after being named Sen.John McCain's running mate has been all too eager to talk to the media now. Her post-run interviews, given to CNN, Entertainment Tonight, FOX and others, are brimming with spirited talk of another White House run in 2012 -- only this time, she would be the presidential hopeful.

Palin should give presidential aspirations a rest and concentrate on building her resume by fulfilling her term as governor and then, perhaps, making a run for the U.S. Senate before considering a higher office.

Even though she and McCain lost the national election, Palin is staying positive and setting her sites on the 2012 presidential race. While her perseverance is commendable, it makes Palin come off as showy, considering most Americans had never heard of the Alaskan governor before McCain revealed her as his vice presidential running mate not even three months ago.

After such a defeat, a little humility would bode well for her. Her persistent mention of herself as a presidential contender puts her ego on display. Her constant plugging on TV and in the blogosphere of a possible campaign is quickly becoming stale and annoying.

Palin's milking her 15 minutes of fame. As long as the media and public shows any interest in her, she'll grant interviews.

If Palin ran for president in 2012, would she even be able to muster enough support within her own party to obtain the republican presidential nomination?

The Republican Party is divided when it comes to Palin. Some Republicans blame her for the party's loss of the presidential election. Adding to the blame cast on her, rumors from supposed McCain camp insiders reported two weeks ago painted Palin as a moron who didn't know that Africa was a continent. The rumors were traced to two pranksters. But The New York Times reported that Fox News stands by their report of the story because the pranksters say they didn't really make up the story but just furthered its spread.

Even if rumors about her lack of knowledge have been somewhat debunked, her gullible acceptance of a prank call from a comedy duo claiming to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy didn't reassure Americans of her political savvy. Perhaps with a little more experience would have yielded Palin the political street smarts to have suspected foul play early on in the call.

For such a young politician with so little experience, why the rush? Admittedly, the critics of President-elect Barack Obama put forth the same sentiments. But Obama has shown himself to be able to perform under pressure and communicate effectively, as seen in his debate with presidential hopeful McCain. These abilities of Obama will prove to be great advantages during his presidency.

Although McCain bragged during his campaign that Palin hadn't been tainted by Washington, she would greatly benefit from spending some time in the capital before attempting to bag the presidency. After serving a few terms as senator or even as a representative, Palin would be better equipped to convince voters that she's fit for the job of commander-in-chief.

While on the topic of her lacking credentials, her argument that she gained foreign policy experience as governor of Alaska served as comic relief during the high-stress months leading up to the election.

Americans love to root for the underdog and witness a great triumph after defeat. Palin could become the next comeback kid after winning the public's trust by serving a few years on Capital Hill. But for now, her presidential ambitions should be shelved.

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