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Colo. man ties cat to a rock, gets a ticket

lazy cat on treadmill
When your cat doesn't feel like running, let it be. That's what a Colorado man found out when he got a ticket for tying his low-energy kitty to a rock.

(CBS/AP) LAFAYETTE, Colo. - Police in a Denver suburb say when a 19-year-old man went for a jog and his cat couldn't keep up, he tied the animal to a rock - and that's not a good thing.

Lafayette police gave 19-year-old Seth Franco a ticket on suspicion of animal cruelty, a municipal offense.

Sgt. Fred Palmer says Franco brought his cat on a leash to a park path on Wednesday. According to the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper, witnesses told police that Franco secured the feline's leash to a rock while he finished his run. A passer-by called police.

Palmer says a city ordinance "prohibits that kind of tethering."

The cat wasn't injured, so it was released back to its owner.

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