Collection of cat jumping FAIL moments!

(CBS) - We really do love cat videos here at The Feed. We also really love fail videos. So what better way to send us off into the weekend than a bunch of videos of cats jumping (and failing)!

Now, there exist an incredible supply of cat fail videos on the Internet. So, to focus in our efforts we've decided to go with a themed based collection of videos. That theme happens to be jumping cat fails.

Warning: These videos will make you burst out laughing. They should not be viewed in a setting where random bursts of laughter are discouraged, people are holding scalding hot cups of coffee, or interns are attempting to stack a card pyramid.  Also, to our knowledge, no cats were terribly injured by their actions.

Be sure to check out the additional videos below, to get your jumping cat fail fill (try to say that 5 times fast)!