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In 1984, a man dressed in a pinstripe suit was found shot to death in Missouri. DNA has identified him as a missing real estate agent.

Will genealogy sites help solve cold cases?
Police hope genealogy sites will help solve more cold cases 02:45

After nearly four decades, a cold case killing in eastern Missouri has been solved, thanks to DNA evidence. Authorities in Lincoln County announced this week that a DNA match identified the victim as Jack Langeneckert, 50, a real estate agent from the St. Louis County town of Florissant.

Langeneckert was reported missing in 1982 and officials said shortly after his disappearance, his vehicle was located at the St. Louis Airport. The body was found dressed in a pinstripe suit and tie in 1984. The victim had been shot in the back of the head.

Jack Langeneckert Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Officials with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said during a news conference Wednesday that forensic genetic genealogy led to the identity of the victim. The technology identifies DNA through comparison to genetic profiles in genealogy databases.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said it teamed up with Southeast Missouri State University and Othram Inc., a Texas-based company that specializes in forensic DNA sequencing, in an effort to solve the cold case. Anthropology students from the university "inventoried the remains and were able to refine the age-at-death estimate and other aspects of the biological profile."

DNA was extracted from the remains and Othram was able to generate new leads, which were given to investigators. Eventually, detectives were able to meet with, interview, and ultimately obtain familial DNA samples which ultimately confirmed the homicide victim as Langeneckert.  

Capt. David Hill said detectives are working to determine who killed Langeneckert, whose body was found on a farm on June 11, 1984.

"While the cause of death is known, the reason for the homicide is not," the sheriff's office said in a news release released on Thursday. "Thanks to the cooperation between public and private partners, we are able to pursue justice for Jack and his family."  

Anybody with any information related to the case is asked to contact the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office at (636) 528-8546.

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