COLD CASE: Arrest In 1986 Disappearance Of Wife And Daughter

(AP / CBS)
RICHMOND, Mo. (CBS/AP) A man whose wife and daughter disappeared from their western Missouri home more than 20 years ago has been arrested in Arkansas and charged with murder. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says 67-year-old Ronald D. Wrisinger was arrested Wednesday at his Marble Falls home in Arkansas.

Ronald Wrisinger was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Sherry K. Wrisinger, 40, and Johnna D. Wrisinger, 16, who disappeared June 6, 1986, from their home in Richmond.

Initially, when a police report was filed by Ronald Wrisinger's brother three months after their disappearance, police treated Sherry Wrisinger and her daughter as missing persons.

According to the Kansas City Star, Ronald Wrisinger told officials his wife had skipped town with a wealthy veterinarian taking their daughter with her. But 10 years later, police began to suspect that Sherry Wrisinger and her daughter were not missing at all, but victims of a double-homicide at Roland Wrisinger's hand.

So why, after two decades, do police now believe that Roland Wrisinger killed his wife and youngest child? And what new evidence do they have against him? We'll have to wait to find out. Sgt. Scott Meyer, a spokesman for the patrol's office in Lee's Summit, declined to release any more details about the case.

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