​Hillary Clinton talks selfie technique on 'Ellen'

Hillary Clinton joins “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”for her first in studio appearance since 2008.

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Last Updated Jan 8, 2016 3:07 PM EST

NEW YORK When it comes to selfies, Hillary Clinton is looking at Kim Kardashian.

"Here's what I learned," Clinton said, recalling the photo she took with Kardashian and Kanye West with Ellen DeGeneres in Los Angeles on Thursday. "She takes out her phone and she presses a button, I've never seen this anywhere else."

I got my selfie!!! I really loved hearing her speak & hearing her goals for our country! #HillaryForPresident

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"It has light all the way around it," she continued, "like little tiny, tiny lightbulbs."

"It makes anybody look better!" Clinton said.

Clinton will appear on Degeneres' show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, for the second time this cycle on Monday. During the taping, between Clinton's campaign events and fundraisers on Thursday, DeGeneres asked her about all of the selfies Clinton takes on the trail.

"I've gotten a lot better," Clinton said. "I'm getting some help from my staff, and we're taking dozens and dozens, sometimes at the same time."

Clinton, who lingers after her events to make her way along the ropeline and shake hands with supporters, often laments that the constant requests for photos take away from her opportunity to connect with voters who want to share a personal story or ask her a question. Clinton calls it "the tyranny of the selfie."

But she conceded Thursday that the experience of taking a selfie can also make for a different kind of special moment.

"There are so many really sweet people who want to do it but they don't know how to do it," Clinton said, adding that some of the people she meets receive smartphones as gifts from their children. "We're standing there trying to get the technology to work. So that's a moment, and at least you got that kind of connection with somebody."

Later in the episode, actor and Clinton supporter Tony Goldwyn surprised Clinton and took part in a game of "Heads Up" with Clinton and DeGeneres. Goldwyn, who plays a Republican president on ABC's hit show "Scandal," recently campaigned for Clinton in Iowa.

Clinton also appeared on Degeneres' show during its premiere week in New York last year where, during a commercial break, Ellen and the show's DJ taught Clinton how to do the "whip" and the "nae nae."