Clinton Talks About Why People "Don't Like" Her

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

CORALVILLE, IOWA -- At the Antique Car Museum of Iowa last night, Clinton faced a packed house and also faced a tough questioner who wondered why people "don't like" her.

It was an interesting moment as, most of the time, questions from the crowd are either policy driven or fashioned in some form of praise for Clinton. Not this time.

A gentleman told Clinton that he knows a lot of people who "for some reason just don't like you." He asked her to explain how she thinks she could win the nomination adding, "without saying they should get to know you, because I think they know you."

Clinton responded sternly, "No they don't, but that's okay, they don't want to know me." Clinton said one reason people don't like her is because she has been fighting special interest groups for years. "If you've been fighting for the causes you believe in and taking on tough special interest as long as I have, you're going to get beat up."

Clinton said she is used to being under the gun and blamed the right for making careers off of her.

"They've got a hard core that always responds to going after me, so they can make some money off of me," said Clinton. "I have created so many jobs and wealth in America," Clinton joked drawing laughter from the crowd.

The event was a full house - so full, in fact, that about 200 people were stuck outside because the fire marshal refused to allow anyone else in due to space issues. The campaign moved those waiting in the cold across the street to the Coralville Marriott where she thanked them for waiting.