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Clinton releases April fundraising numbers, plays woman card for donations

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton raised about $26.4 million in primary funds for the month of April, her campaign announced Monday, as well as $9.5 million for the DNC and state parties. She fell slightly short of the $29.5 million she raised in March.

Clinton has about $30 million in cash on hand and has been spending on staffing and voter registration programs across the country to help with turnout efforts and support Democrats who will be running down the ballot in November.

Bernie Sanders' campaign announced Sunday it had raised $25.8 million in April, showing a significant drop from his March fundraising total of $44 million. He has not yet raised money for the DNC or state parties yet, nor has he disclosed how much cash on hand he has for May.

During the course of the campaign, Clinton has now raised $213.5 million and Sanders has raised $210 million.

She has begun looking to the general election and last week started fundraising off Donald Trump's comment that she's playing the "woman's card."

Sanders' latest strategy for overcoming his delegate deficit in the race against Clinton for the nomination is to coax superdelegates to flip to his side, a gambit that the Washington Post calculated would still leave him short of the 2,383 delegates needed to secure the nomination.

CBS News' Hannah Fraser-Chanpong contributed to this report

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