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Clinton Pleads With Donors: "Stay With Me!"


From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

NEW YORK -- Just a day after Barack Obama moved one step closer to locking up the nomination by dramatically narrowing the gap between him and Hillary Clinton over superdelegates, Clinton told a group of donors at a fundraiser, "Let's keep going. Stay with me, this is a great adventure!"

Clinton hosted a Mother's Day fundraiser with a little over a thousand in attendance that included an appearance by her daughter Chelsea. Clinton said that despite the uphill battle she faces to secure the nomination, it has been "a joy" to campaign. "I want you to know how grateful I am for your support and how much you have sustained me throughout this campaign," she said. "I know that it may be hard to believe, but if you just take the advice that I give to my own mother, and that is just turn off the television, you will really enjoy this experience."

Clinton said she will respect the nomination process until everyone has voted. "What I hear and what I see is all about how we are going to finish this nominating contest, which we will do," she said. "Then we will have a nominee, and we have a unified Democratic Party, and we will stay together and we will defeat John McCain in November."

Clinton recognized the mothers in the audience and recounted some of the advice her own mother used to give her that Clinton thinks would help in the White House. "It would be pretty good advice for a president to take into the oval office," Clinton said. "Treat each other with kindness, be nice to one another, don't grab somebody else's toys, know when you're supposed to use the right fork and knife."

Clinton is scheduled to spend part of tomorrow morning with family members in celebration of Mother's Day. She then jets to West Virginia where she will hold three campaign events.