Clinton-Obama Debate, But Not Together

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

ARLINGTON, VA. -- Hillary Clinton made her case to Democrats in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. on the eve of the primaries during a half-hour televised forum hosted by Politico and WJLA, the local ABC affiliate, and she wasted no time going after Barack Obama.

Clinton warned Obama that he will have a tough time standing up to the "Republican attack machine" suggesting he "get ready if he is the nominee" because he has not had to face Republican attacks for as many years as she. "My track record is a proven one," said Clinton.

Clinton added that she is not afraid to stand up to the Republicans on key Democratic issues such as health care, an issue she says Obama "gave up" on. "This is a fight worth having," Clinton said, "When I hear Obama talking, which fights would he not have fought?"

Clinton, again, slammed Obama for not clearly laying out his vision for America saying, "You never hear the specifics it's all this abstract, general talk on how we all need to get along."

When asked if the American people should worry about another Clinton scandal surfacing, Clinton assured the audience that they would not have to worry about that, but said "none of us can predict the future."

At one point the moderator asked if Clinton would be willing to disclose her income tax forms now rather than after the nomination process. Clinton answered saying she has disclosed all that she needs to put forth at this point, but then turned the table saying there are still several questions about Obama's finances that remain unanswered pointing to his involvement with Exelon, a nuclear power company that made "deals behind closed doors" with the Obama, Clinton said.

The forum was originally billed as a debate, but Obama declined the offer and preferred to appear in the forum alone. Senator Obama's interview aired following Mrs. Clinton's appearance, his was taped yesterday.