Clinton Hits Obama, Offers Populist Appeal In New Spots

The Hillary Clinton campaign unveiled a pair of new ads this morning – one taking a shot at rival Barack Obama, and the other pushing Clinton as the candidate who is going to bring jobs back to Ohio.

The first spot, "True," is a response to Obama's response to Clinton's controversial national security spot. (Got that?)

"Barack Obama says he has the judgment to be president," an announcer says in the new Clinton spot. "But as chairman of an oversight committee charged with the force of fighting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, he was too busy running for president to hold even one hearing."

Watch it:

The other spot, "Partner," echoes the populist theme that Clinton has been pushing in recent weeks. It will run in Texas.

"It's time that the American worker had a partner in the White House," Clinton says in the spot, which also features testimonials about how Clinton will fight for jobs and families. "The wealthy and the well connected have had a president," Clinton says. "It's time the middle class had a president."