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Clinton Gears Up For Big Soiree For Staff

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

WASHINGTON -- Several large trucks carrying everything from tables, chairs, flowers, food, even patio umbrellas have begun showing up at Hillary Clinton's Washington, D.C., home where a big party is scheduled for her staff.

Clinton remains inside gearing up for the fete, which was announced a few days ago to staffers. Clinton's traveling chief-of-staff arrived a few minutes ago, along with Clinton's personal makeup artist and hairstylist.

It is unclear if daughter Chelsea will be in atendance tonight, and according to sources, President Clinton will hit a nearby golf course before guests begin to arrive.

Dozens of caterers and waiters have descended on the home, causing quite a buzz among Secret Service, who scurry about making sure the home remains secure. Many of them seem to be acting like traffic cops, trying to thread large delivery trucks down the small road lined with cars and satellite trucks.

The Clintons have laid low, not being spotted in recent days, even as Hillary Clinton snuck out of her home to meet with Barack Obama last night.

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