Clinton, Bush to Address Same Group This Morning

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

WASHINGTON -- It might be a little awkward to bump into someone you've criticized on national television just the day before.

Hillary Clinton and President George W. Bush will both address the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce this morning in Washington today.

While addressing the same group, Clinton and Bush will speak in separate rooms at the Ronald Reagan building.

It's also unlikely that the two would cross paths because Clinton speaks nearly an hour before President Bush. She has had less than kind words for him this week, saying in her campaign stops across Pennsylvania that "it took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush, it'll take a Clinton to clean up after the second Bush!

Clinton hammered on the current president last night at Temple University, saying "You will not see me as the president of the United States holding hands with the Saudis," Clinton said. "I'm going to hold them accountable!"

Last night, as results came in showing a loss in the Mississippi primary to Senator Barack Obama, Clinton juggled with questions about comments made by supporter and former politician Geraldine Ferraro about Obama's popularity being related to his race.

Clinton told CBS station KYW in Philadelphia: "Well I said earlier today in Harrisburg that I obviously disagree and reject the comments. And Senator Obama and I have both said on several occasions that we want this campaign to be about the issues -- the differences between us certainly because that's fair game, draw our differences in experiences and qualifications and our views on various important matters facing the country. But we don't want it to strain into extraneous territory and we both have supporters and staff who get overzealous and we want to keep this on the real issues that matter to the voters of Pennsylvania."

Tonight, Clinton speaks before the National Newspaper Publishers Association before heading back to Pennsylvania, where she'll campaign through the weekend. Former president Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton are also campaigning on her behalf throughout the Keystone State.