Clinton Blames Bush Administration for High Gas Prices

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

PITTSBURGH -- Hillary Clinton is narrowing her focus on oil prices and the economy as she tries to win the support of voters in Pennsylvania.

Both topics made up the majority of her speech tonight in Pittsburgh, where she covered everything from healthcare for children, college education for teenagers, and veteran care for wounded soldiers.

Leaning heavily on criticism against the Bush administration, she accused Vice President Dick Cheney of touring Middle Eastern countries and "warning them" that they would lose business if they didn't lower their costs a "little bit".

Clinton said she would pledge $50 billion to an energy strategic fund to make America energy independent, insisting to the crowd of nearly 2,000 that she would take tax breaks away from oil companies in order to pay for it.

She also took two quick shots at John McCain and Barack Obama, saying both voted for an energy bill that Vice President Cheney put together, claiming it gave tax subsidies to oil companies.

After introductions from Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Allegheny County Executive Director David Onorato, Clinton promised the crowd that she would deliver all Americans the option of the same health care packages offered to members of Congress.

"I say if its good enough for Congress, it's good enough for you!" shouted Clinton.

The two biggest applauses Clinton received were for her statements on bringing troops home from the war in Iraq and promising to end the No Child Left Behind education program, something Clinton called an "unnecessary mandate."

Repeating what she read on a sign high in the balcony of the Soldiers and Sailors Hall, she declared "We should leave No Child Left Behind behind!"

Although the event was described as an economic town hall forum, it did not fit the format. Clinton took no questions from the crowd, but stayed for over twenty minutes after finished her speech to shake hands and autograph campaign signs.

Tomorrow she attends St. Patrick's Day parades in Pittsburgh and Scranton, Pennsylvania.