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Cleveland Indians fan may regret "bold" World Series tattoo ahead of Game 7

While some baseball fans were biting their nails as players stepped up to the plate in the 10th inning of Game 7 of the World Series, at least one man was looking down at what he believed to be a lucky tattoo.

Nearly two hours before the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians faced off, a die-hard Indians fan revealed a “bold” tattoo he received in anticipation.

The words “2016 Champs” were written in black cursive letters across his arm — complete with the team’s colorful logo and mascot.

“Some call it bold, but I call it faith in Kluber @Indians #rolltribe,” Ohio native @MikeNeero tweeted.

That was before the Cubs defeated the Indians 8-7 in the 10th to win the championship.

Though Indians fans appreciated the man’s enthusiasm, several people wondered if he’d wake up Thursday morning with regret.

“Well, have faith that it can be lasered off,” one Twitter user replied.

“I bet you regret that Indians tattoo,” another said.

The man’s tweet went viral with more than 15,000 shares, and his account was flooded with memes and GIFs.

But he didn’t seem to mind.

Minutes after the game ended, he tweeted, “Dude. You guys owe me. Big time. @Indians @CKluber Great effort though get it next year baby.”

Though most people assume the man’s tattoo is real, for @MikeNeero’s sake, we hope it’s temporary — at least, the “2016 Champs” part, anyway. 

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