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Cindy McCain Releases Her Tax Returns


From CBS News' John Bentley:

A little over two weeks ago, Cindy McCain said she would "never" release her tax returns. But that changed today, as the wife of the presumptive Republican nominee released two cover pages from her 2006 tax returns. She earned a little over $6 million in 2006 and paid $1.7 million in taxes. Most of her income comes from a family inheritance that is reportedly in the $100 million range, and her work at that family company. "In her role as Chairman of Hensley & Company, a privately-held business founded by her parents, Mrs. McCain's main areas of responsibility focus on strategic planning and corporate vision" according to the campaign.

Cindy McCain was concerned that the issue of her tax returns would become a distraction, according to the campaign, and that's why she decided to release them. On May 8th, she said on the Today show that her taxes would not be made public. "This is a privacy issue," she said at the time. "My husband is the candidate."

She filed for an extension for last year's taxes, but would make those available as soon as they're filed.

The McCain's have always filed separate returns in their 28 years of marriage. John McCain released his tax returns last month.