Christmas unplugged for Pa. homeowner, victim of vandalism

25 Dec 2011, Brooklyn, New York City, New York State, USA --- Holiday Decorations in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn --- Image by © Andria Patino/Corbis
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A homeowner in Upper Darby, Pa. has had the wiring to his Christmas lights cut fives in recent days; his wasn't as all decked out as this Richmond, Va. house, but the vandalism is no less maddening.

(CBS) PIPERSVILLE, Pa.- Someone is trying to pull the plug on a suburban Philadelphia homeowner's Christmas spirit.

Police in Upper Darby Township are looking for a vandal who has cut the wires on a neighborhood holiday light display five times in the last week.

Bah humbug.

According to CBS Philly, 70-year-old Joseph Russella has been stringing lights and decorations for nearly half a century, but this year someone has repeatedly been cutting the wires to the display.

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says they'll keep a close eye out to catch the no-goodnik.

"Like all types of vandalism, I always describe it as a cowardly act. They go under the cloak of darkness; it's probably late at night or early in the morning when they do their dastardly deed," Chitwood told CBS Philly.

Russella kept repairing the damage and relighting the display, but now he says the damage is so bad that he can't turn the lights back on.