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Vermont radar speed signs tell drivers if they're "naughty" or "nice" based on how fast they're going

Santa Claus sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake — and apparently, he also knows if you're driving over the speed limit. That's after a Vermont town installed holiday-themed radar speed signs that let drivers know whether they made the naughty or nice list this year based on how fast they're going. 

"We received a request direct from the North Pole to remind everyone that Santa is still making his list and checking it twice, and to make sure to have a safe and happy holiday season!" the Chester, Vermont, police department wrote on Facebook on Wednesday

The post includes two photos of what appear to be the same radar speed sign with a listed speed limit of 30 mph. One photo shows a speed of 25 mph in green, with the word "nice" flashing beneath it. The second shows a recorded speed of 36 mph in red, with the word "naughty" underneath.

Chester, Vermont Police Department

Chester Detective Adam Woodell told The Boston Globe that five of the signs are up in the town. He explained the idea for the Christmas signs originated from the town clerk, who saw similar ones in the Vermont town of Manchester. 

The detective told the outlet the reaction from citizens has been positive so far, with one man phoning in to the police department to tell them "he had the giggles that he'd been called naughty at his age," he said.

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