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Chinese Stem Cell Therapy Helps Girl See

Shaun Boyd of CBS4 Denver reports on a blind Colorado girl who went to China for experimental stem cell treatments which have radically improved her vision -- she's now taking driving lessons.

Macie Morse was born with optic nerve hypoplasia, meaning her optic nerve didn't develop all the way. The only way to repair it was to grow more of the nerve using umbilical cord stem cells.

She and her mother traveled all the way to China for an experimental treatment.

For 6 weeks Morse received injections of cord stem cells and acupuncture to stimulate the cells. Gradually, they took hold and began growing the optic nerve Morse was missing.

"I saw snow fall for the first time," she told CBS4's Boyd.

Morse now has her learner's permit for driving, something her mom never thought she'd see.

"I'm experiencing a miracle," Rochelle said. "This is what it feels like."

Here's the storyand video:

Local Video from CBS4 in Denver

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