Chicago man shot dead helping friend deliver pizza

CHICAGO - A 68-year-old Chicago man was murdered Saturday while helping a friend deliver pizza in northwest Indiana, reports CBS Chicago.

According to the station, Tate Hatchett Jr., who was retired, was helping a friend make deliveries for Rico's Pizza at an address that turned out to be an abandoned home, when robbers appeared.

"They followed him to the car and he asked the guy for the money for the pizza," said Helen Frierson, Hatchett's partner of 31 years who accompanied him on the delivery. "The guy turned around and asked him, give them some money... and when we drove off, that's when they were shooting."

Hatchett, who was driving, lost control, ran up the curb into a yard and rammed into a house, according to CBS Chicago.

"We ran up on a lady's front porch and when we ran up on that front porch, that's when he stopped and that's when he died in my lap," said Frierson.

The robbers reportedly made off with about $150 and a pizza.

A manager at Rico's says their delivery crew has suffered a series of attacks.