Cheryl Maher-Kevin Garn Naked Hot Tub Headline Contest

Kevin Garn, Utah House Majority Leader and center of attention (Credit: U.S. Government)

NEW YORK (CBS) Here at Crimesider we strive to be helpful. So, as a public service to our fellow journalists, bloggers, and crackpots, we've decided to send some headlines out into the world to cover the recent Kevin Garn-Cheryl Maher scandal.

You know the story already.

Short version: Utah State rep got into a hot tub with a naked, underage girl, alleged blackmail, paid her off, then admitted it.

Long version: Read Brian Montopoli's take here (he's smarter than us).

So, anyway, the following headlines should be considered royalty-free, stock headlines for the lazy.

Garn: "I Expect to Suffer Public Humiliation and Embarrassment" - And How!

2. Out of the Hot Tub and into the Frying Pan

3. Underage Girl, Hot Tub, Payoff...Eh, Still not as Strange as Eric Massa

4. The Unsaunatized Truth

5. Kevin Garn Goes from Literal to Metaphorical Hot Water

6. Politician Applauded by Colleagues after Admitting Naked Hot Tubbing with Underage Girl [Note: not a joke]

7. The Naked, Underage, Hottubbing, Blackmailly Truth

Dear Readers, please feel free to add your own headlines in the space below: