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Chelsea Handler on 2014 and getting into ridiculous travel situations

Chelsea Handler recently traveled to Barcelona and says it's one of the favorite cities she’s ever been. And Handler has done her fair share of traveling. In fact, the comedienne/TV host is chronicling her many travels in a new book, due out March 4.

Called "Uganda be Kidding Me," Handler's upcoming book highlights her vacations over the years. "It starts in Africa on safari with my girlfriends and then I go to Switzerland," she told CBS News. "I go to Yellowstone Club. I go to the London Olympics -- on a bunch of different trips."

She started journaling about her trips only after deciding to write a book on the topic -- but the funnywoman says she ends up revealing "all the ridiculous situations I find myself in and how everything constantly goes wrong in my life because I'm just a dumb loud American."

Handler, 38, is no stranger to writing books having published a few bestsellers over the course of her career.

"I try to bang it out. This one was really difficult for me because I couldn't get focused," she said. "My ADD is in overdrive. I had to just take some time out at the end of the summer and really just finish it. I had six chapters and just stopped. And my publishers were like, 'We really need the rest of it.' They're like, 'Can you go on some more trips?' I'm like, 'I don't need to go on more trips!' Since I finished the book I've been on eight more trips and I have eight more chapters." She joked, "So I think I'll just write traveling books from now on."

Handler, meanwhile, says she's kicking off the new year right (so far, at least) -- and that means not making any major New Year's resolutions. She actually recently teamed with 7UP TEN to launch a new campaign encouraging people to ditch resolutions for 2014 and instead opt for something attainable. 

"I want to drink something that doesn't get me into as much trouble as other things that I drink," Handler said, adding, "I think New Year's resolutions should be small and something you're able to accomplish...If you're going to quit smoking after smoking for 20 years, you might just want to start by cutting back. New Year's resolutions don't usually end up being successful, you just have to wiggle your way and find something that works for you."

Next up for Handler in the new year are more episodes of "Chelsea Lately" and a national stand-up tour, set to kick off in March. "There's a lot of preparation for this one because I haven't been on the road in about two years. It's a lot more preparation than I've done before," she said.

And don't be surprised to see more Handler books down the line. "There's always material there. It's just a matter of remembering the material and being able to piece it together," she said.

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