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Chavis Carter Case: Police release dashboard video from the night of handcuffed man's death

Chavis Carter Personal photo/Facebook

(CBS/AP) JONESBORO, Ark. - Police in Arkansas have released dashboard camera video from the night Chavis Carter, 21, died from a gunshot wound to the head while handcuffed in the back seat of a patrol car on July 28.

PICTURES: Ark. police say handcuffed man shot self

The video depicts an officer pulling over a white pick-up truck with three men inside. One passenger tells police they have gotten lost going to meet another man, but police question their story.

All three men eventually exit the vehicle and the video shows one officer patting down Carter, then leading him off-camera.

The two men he was with tell police they are from Missouri and Tennessee. Carter tells police he is from Mississippi. His fellow passengers are questioned and then handcuffed and led off-camera. Police appear to search the vehicle and discuss finding a bag with some sort of white substance inside, as well as "baggies" and a "set of scales." One officer says he found marijuana on Carter.

The video ends before the shooting. According to previously published reports, officers decided to arrest Carter after learning he had an outstanding drug warrant from Mississippi. They reportedly searched him a second time but did not find a gun.

Earlier in the week, Jonesboro police released another video depicting officers attempting to recreate how Carter might have been able to retrieve a gun and shoot himself in the temple while handcuffed.

Carter's death has prompted intense criticism of the police and skepticism about the department's version of events. The FBI is monitoring the investigation. 

Russell Marlin, an attorney representing Carter's family, said Tuesday that he is conducting his own investigation into Carter's death. He said Carter wasn't suicidal.

"By all accounts, he was a healthy, happy guy. There's no reason to think he would have killed himself," Martin said.

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