Chauffeur, doorman left $1.5M from grateful exec

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A chauffeur and a doorman on Manhattan's Upper East Side could well have toasted their late employer with Dom Perignon thanks to the generous inheritance he left for them.

Former music label chief Alan Meltzer left the two workers a combined total of $1.5 million when he died last Halloween, the New York Post reported Monday.

"I don't know what to do exactly with the money, but one thing I know for sure -- every year, I'm going to bring the guy some flowers at his grave," chauffeur Jean Laborde, who inherited $1 million from Meltzer's $10 million estate, told the Post.

Laborde and Meltzer's doorman, Chamil Demiraj, helped the former Wind-Up Records head cope with the divorce of his wife of 13 years, the Post reported. Both portrayed Meltzer as a nice guy they were sorry to see pass.

Meltzer's ex-wife Diana told the tabloid she "could care less" about missing out on the one-third of the estate she would have received if they hadn't divorced.

"If he wants to give it to the bums, he can give it to the bums," she told the Post.

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