Chandeliers: More Versatile Than Ever

Chandeliers to brighten your home
CBS/The Early Show
Chandeliers can brighten your home and add a little glitter.

And dining rooms and entrance ways aren't the only places they're being used these days, according to home furnishings design expert Tracy Porter.

On The Early Show Thursday, Porter told co-anchor Hannah Storm chandeliers can make every part of your house look better, even the bathroom!

People may not give much thought to lighting when decorating, but it can make a huge difference in the ambiance and décor of a home, Porter says. Changing lighting is one of the easiest ways to adjust a home's look and feel. And nothing does it as dramatically as chandeliers.

Porter points out that you can make a dramatic statement by hanging them in unexpected places as you incorporate the beautiful, functional pieces in your decorating scheme.

A wonderful thing about chandeliers, Porter notes, is that they're so versatile, coming in many different sizes, looks and finishes.

A lot of people may think they're not chandelier people, she says, but today you can find one in any kind of style, so there really is something for everyone. Whether you love French Country or things that are more modern, there's surely a chandelier in the size and finish that will fit the bill for you.

Porter considers them a great way to add flair to a room, adding, "I actually look at chandeliers as jewelry for a room."

Most ceilings are plain and white so nothing else interferes with your chandelier; it's your eye candy, she says.

If you're considering a chandelier, Porter observes, first you have to think about the style you like. What's your sensibility and what are you drawn to? Because, even if you think your taste is very simple, you still may like a chandelier with crystals hanging off of it.

Chandeliers can make small spaces more interesting and enchanting. And just having a small space doesn't mean you absolutely must hang a small chandelier. You can put a decent-sized chandelier in a small space, because it adds interest. Or, you can use more than one chandelier; perhaps think about hanging a row of three, petite chandeliers; that spreads the light out. Or, you can hang one, larger chandelier between two petite ones.

There are no rules, as long as you love it! The most important thing is that loving what you're choosing. Don't be bound by rules; if a piece makes you wild, then get it! It should be an emotional decision.