Cents For Candy

M&Ms candy

Baldinger's Candy Store has been satisfying sweet-tooths from their Highway 19, Zelienople, Pa., location for 70 years and counting.

The temptation is penny candy, and it really costs just a penny. For $1, generations of kids have been able to get 100 pieces of candy.

Dorothy and Allen Baldinger opened the shop in 1933. It's still exactly as it was, right down to the old wooden floors and ancient cash register.

Manager Betty Sabo has worked at Baldinger's for 45 years. She says the attraction is not just candy, but food from all nations – even some that might make you squirm.

A tequila lollipop with the worm included, for example, might make some stomachs more queasy than grateful.

But, there are plenty of other candies to choose from at Baldinger's — the candy land that's not just for kids.