Celebs In Front Row At Westwood Show

Canadian-born actress Pamela Anderson is seen with an unidentified man ahead of the Vivienne Westwood Red Label - catwalk show for London Fashion Week in central London, Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008.
AP Photo/Akira Suemori
Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood proved she's still got style as her latest Red Label collection was shown off at London Fashion Week on Thursday, Sept. 18.

Dame Vivienne Westwood told AP Entertainment that she was excited about the show.

"All I can tell you is I'm looking forward to seeing the show. I have got loads of lines, this is my second line," she said from backstage.

Plenty of celebrities turned out to get a sneak preview of the collection.

Pamela Anderson caused the biggest stir when she turned up with a masked man as her date.

Actress Emma Watson and model Dita Von Teese were also in the audience showing their support.

Westwood, often credited as being at the cutting edge of controversial fashion, designed the range in conjunction with another designer:

"A man, who was a student in the 'London College of Fashion' about 20 years ago, he's been working with me all this time and he essentially did this collection, but, he didn't do it because I did it before and he's put together my archive," Westwood said.

The make up and hair for the collection was themed around the ideas of Naughty Forties, Flintstones and Cheeky Minxes.

The collection will be hitting the shops in 2009.