"Celebrity Apprentice:" A model for firing

Victoria Gotti Fired in the second episode on Feb. 26, 2012. Age: 49 Occupation: Writer/"Growing Up Gotti" star, daughter of crime boss John Gotti.
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC
Victoria Gotti on "The Celebrity Apprentice."
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

(CBS) The heroes of this season's premiere of "The Celebrity Apprentice" were all in a deli sandwich case.

In the two-hour premiere Sunday night, the stars showed their aggressions, peeves and vulnerabilities, providing the promise of some conflict-riddled shows ahead. (SPOILER ALERT)

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The cast was divided into men's and women's team and each team had to run a midtown New York sandwich shop for a day with the proceeds going to charity.

"American Choppers" star Paul Tuetul Sr., project manager for the men, blithely assured his team he could bring in half a million dollars alone.The day's take was considerably less, but because the men's team won, no one called him on it. But you can bet it would have come up, had they lost.

The women's team leader, actress Patricia Velasquez, bravely took model Cheryl Teigs and author Victoria Gotti back to the boardroom with her. She and others claimed Teigs was too slow and laid back and that Gotti had made personal calls during planing sessions and had been late for an early morning meeting.

When host Donald Trump asked her whether she was aggressive enough for the contest,Teigs sealed her fate by saying she didn't know. Trump listed her strengths, then fired her anyway.

In the closing segment, the fired Teigs referred to the strength of some of the woman and concluded, "I am not that strong and I never want to be."

Viewers know what she means. Fresh in their minds was an example of that "strength." Despite being spared the ax, Gotti got into a loud shouting match with Trump as she left the boardroom.

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