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Celebrities pay tribute to Regis Philbin on Twitter

Regis Philbin, his wife Joy and Kelly Ripa on set during Philbin's last "Live! with Regis & Kelly" on Nov. 18, 2011 in New York. Getty Images

(CBS) "Mornings will never be the same ... It's an end of an era." Those are just some of the sentiments making their way around Twitter following Regis Philbin's final day on "Live! with Regis & Kelly."

The 80-year-old veteran broadcaster stepped down as host after 28 years on Friday. Here's what some stars had to say, actually tweet, about his departure, as the #RegisFarewell Twitter trend continues.

Pictures: Regis Philbin says goodbye to "Live!"

"Today ends an era in television. It's Regis' last day. Love ya Reege." -- Ellen Degeneres

"Congratulation on an extraordinary run, Regis. You're an inspiration, and a class act. You and @KellyRipa were great together. Thank you." -- Neil Patrick Harris

"Dear Regis Philbin, Thank u for always supporting me & my career throughout the years. I can't wait to see what comes next for you. Alyssa" -- Alyssa Milano

"I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm going to miss Regis I love that guy !" -- NFL commentator Tony Siragusa

"Congratulations #Regis - great man, great star, great career. Loved working with him on America's Got Talent." -- CNN host Piers Morgan

"Mornings will never be the same. There's only one REGIS!" -- Rachael Ray

"The end of an era. Television will never be the same. I'll miss you Regis." -- Howie Mandel

"Can't believe its Regis Philbin's last day..... thank you for filling our mornings with laughter!!" -- Actress Julie Benz

"So long Regis - thanks for the memories!" -- Senator John McCain

":-(" -- Kelly Ripa

"Watching #regisandkelly last show. Crying. Why?? We r all getting old that's why." -- "Real Housewives" star Jill Zarin

"Regis, if you're looking for a new job may I suggest zoolettergoer." -- Bronx Zoo Cobra