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Celebrities hit the polls on Election Day, urge fans to do the same

Celebrities hit the polls on Election Day and took to Twitter to ask their fans to do the same. 

Some stars didn’t tell their fans to vote for a particular candidate, but rather just told them to vote, period. 

Taylor Swift, who typically does not get political on social media, told fans to vote, though she did not say which candidate she was supporting.

Leslie Jones, in typical all-caps fashion, wrote, “GET YOUR A** UP TOMORROW AND VOTE!!!” on Monday night.

Conan O’Brien didn’t exactly endorse Clinton, but asked fans who they’d like to see concede.

Wyclef Jean tweeted a song he wrote called “If I Was President.”

Tommy Chong tweeted that he voted for marijuana. 

Many celebrities got serious, and urged fans to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Uzo Aduba tweeted a photo of a very interesting intersection in New York. 

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