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The place to go to find out about you favorite CBS shows, as well as check out some fabulous mini-sites.

David Letterman's Top Ten is a bona fide American institution, but if you're too tired to stay up for this daily dose of comedy, check out the Late Show with David Letterman on You'll find the most recent Top Ten, plus a list of upcoming guests.

Are you out-of-the-loop when it comes to your favorite CBS soap? Well, the Daytime section of is the perfect place to catch up. You'll find the latest behind-the-scenes news, sneak previews of upcoming action, and casting information for The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As The World Turns, and Guiding Light. You can even cast an online vote in our viewers' poll.

Find out what it takes to be one of New York's finest at the Brooklyn South Web Companion. "The Informant" will clue you in on episodes past, as well as those to come. "The Scanner" lets you listen to the live, actual NYPD scanner. "CopTalk" will help you make sense of the street lingo, and at "The Lineup" you can see Brooklyn's real-life most wanted.

The Web Companion for Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel expands on the broadcast to bring you further information on show issues and guests. You will have the opportunity to register your opinion on controversial Public Eye topics, as well as find out what's coming up on future shows. And if you happen to miss a show, the "Spotlight Archives" will keep you up to date.

The Chicago Hope Web Companion makes certain you know what's going on within corridors of Hope HealthCare. Meet the cast in the "Scrub Room." Find the latest health news in "Prescription Pad," and share your thoughts and experiences in "The Consultation."

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