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Castro: $900B Stimulus Can't Fix Capitalism

(AP Photo/Paul White)
It's a safe bet that former Cuban President Fidel Castro will be watching television Monday evening as President Obama takes his campaign for a massive economic stimulus package to prime time. Castro already told us he closely watched every minute of Obama's inauguration.

In a column posted online Sunday night, Castro, who has written regularly about Obama and his team, also focuses on the economic issues confronting the White House.

"Obama, (White House Chief of Staff Rahm) Emanuel and all the brilliant politicians and economists who have gotten together, are not enough to solve the growing problems of U.S. capitalist society," declares Castro.

Castro, the 82-year-old whose socialist revolution has survived ten American Presidents, is a long-time critic of capitalism — the American brand in particular. In a column posted on the Web site last week, he accused Obama of planning to print "enormous sums of money" to keep America afloat.

In his latest remarks, Castro charges that "all the other people will have to pay for the colossal waste and guarantee, above all in the increasingly contaminated planet, American jobs and the profits of that country's big trans-nationals."

Castro alludes to his comments last week, that the U.S. "cannot satisfy its vital needs without the extraction of enormous material resources from a great number of countries."

In that same column he also expressed doubt that the new energy efficient cars manufactured in the U.S. would be able to "meet the geological demands to protect humanity from the growing deterioration of the environment"

Castro, who says he's devoted much of his time during the past two and a half years while recovering from illness to reading and writing, concludes that, "even if Kant, Plato and Aristotle were resuscitated and at the same time united with the late brilliant economist John Kenneth Galbraight, not even then would they be capable of resolving the increasingly more frequent and deep contradictions in the system."

Clearly, the former Cuban leader doesn't have much hope that the $827 billion stimulus package under consideration by the U.S. Senate will do the trick.

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