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Carmelo Anthony talks about alleged "accidental" U.S. basketball players' brothel visit

RIO DE JANEIRO - Carmelo Anthony says his U.S. men's basketball teammates need to accept responsibility and move on after reports that three players visited a legal brothel in Rio de Janeiro.

"What's done is done. We have time off and guys did what they did. We accept those responsibilities and move on," said Anthony, a four-time Olympian and the elder statesmen of the team. The Americans dominated China 119-62.

Anthony was responding to questions about a TMZ report that several players thought they were walking into a spa on their day off Wednesday night, but wound up in a brothel.

TMZ writes: "DeAndre Jordan, DeMarcus 'Boogie' Cousins, DeMar Derozan and possibly 3 other players went out on the town Wednesday night in Rio and strolled into Termas Monte Carlo ... which Rolling Stone called 'one of the high end brothels in Rio.'"

Coach Mike Krzyzewski did not address the situation during his postgame news conference.

Brazil, where prostitution is legal under certain conditions, has seen a boom in sex tourism in recent years, raising concern for state and federal officials. Pop star Justin Bieber was famously photographed exiting a Brazilian brothel in 2013.

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