Fiorina: Women "horrified" by Trump's Megyn Kelly comments

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina criticized Donald Trump's comments about cable news host Megyn Kelly, saying in a "Face the Nation" interview that women "are really sort of horrified" by the remarks.

"Presidential campaigns are designed to reveal character under pressure and over time," Fiorina told "Face the Nation" moderator John Dickerson. "It's why people like you ask tough questions, and it's up to candidates to answer those questions. So Mr. Trump got asked tough questions by a lot of people on Thursday night, but he chose to attack Megyn Kelly."

The billionaire businessman came under fire Friday after he called Fox News' Kelly a "lightweight" and told CNN that Kelly was so angry "there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever." Kelly drew his ire after she posed a debate question Thursday to Trump about the various insults he had lobbed at women in the past.

"I think women of all kinds are really sort of horrified by this," Fiorina said. "Just like I think, by the way, women of virtually all kinds are horrified by the Planned Parenthood videos. I mean, there are certain things that cut across political boundaries. And I think those are two examples of things that are cutting across political boundaries."

Conservatives pounced on Trump after his insinuation that Kelly had been angrily hormonal at the debate. Several Republican contenders for the White House chastised the real estate magnate over his comments while right-leaning commentator Erick Erickson went so far as to withdraw Trump's invitation for his RedState gathering in Atlanta.

Fiorina, who is the only woman in the Republican field, defended Kelly on Twitter Friday and directed a message to Trump that there was no excuse for his behavior. She was not on stage with Trump as her low polling numbers landed her in the earlier GOP debate Thursday afternoon.

She also said a "thin-skinned" candidate would not be acceptable in the White House.

"I think you cannot have a president who is thin-skinned," the former tech executive said. "If you think a question is tough, imagine the pressure of actually being in the Oval Office. And that's why I think, as crazy as this presidential campaign process is, it does in fact give voters a window into how people respond under pressure, over time."

You can watch the full interview with Fiorina at 10:30 a.m. ET on Sunday, August 9, 2015 on "Face the Nation."