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Can Kate Middleton Keep Her Gown a Secret?

The royal wedding is just 81 days away now, and wedding fever is building on both sides of the Atlantic.

Google searches for Kate Middleton's wedding gown could bring up half a million hits. Rumor has it it's being worked on night and day behind closed doors in Buckingham palace.

"Early Show" contributor Victoria Arbiter shared more details with co-anchor Erica Hill about the designer wedding dress that will be seen around the world.

Inquiring minds want to know -- who will make the dress and what will it look like?

According to Arbiter, this news is probably the most hotly-anticipated detail relating to the nuptials of Middleton and Prince William.

"The thing is, Kate has intimated that she wants to keep not only the design a secret, but also the designer. And at this point, probably every British designer of note has been thrown into the fold. We've had Bruce Oldfield, Catherine Walker -- there's so many names being thrown around. I think, despite wanting to surprise William, Kate's thinking more strategically," she said.

There was a media frenzy surrounding Princess Diana's dress, as well, and the paparazzi did all it could to search for clues.

"When the Emanuels were announced as designing Diana's dress back in 1981 they were besieged by reporters. And that was before the time of 24 hour news and the maniacal paparazzi," Arbiter pointed out. "They had to have a spare dress, just in case. They had security guards. They were putting the dress in the safe. They were even throwing thread of different colors in the trash because reporters were going through the rubbish. So can you even imagine today with the paparazzi? That would be devastating to Kate. So, if she can pull this off, and surprise us all on the day, I'll be impressed."

So far, she's doing a pretty good job in keeping it quiet.

There's also a Lifetime movie in the works for the week before the wedding. Actress Camilla Ludington has been cast as Kate -- a very appropriate name, since it's that of Kate's mother-in-law-to be.

"I think it's a very clever casting. Because casting a largely unknown actress was very sensible. If you were trying to disassociate Katie Holmes as Kate Middleton, it would start to get a bit confusing," Aribter said. "There's also striking similarities. Camilla Ludington grew up in Berkshire, which is the county that Kate is from. She's 26. Kate is 29. She's very well-educated. She went to Oxford. Kate went to Saint Andrew's. There's some nice similarities and a striking resemblance."

Madam Tussaud's in New York is also taking part in the royal wedding excitement with a wax figure of Prince William. In it, he's wearing his suit from the engagement pictures at St. James's Palace. And he's got a replica of the ring on his forearm.

There's also been some buzz surrounding the bachelor party.

Who will be the bad boy behind it?

It's likely that Guy Pelly, who is a very good friend of both Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry, might be in charge of the bachelor party.

"Guy Pelly is a very good friend of William's. I'm sure they've had wild and crazy times together. The thing is -- for William, he's the future King of England - whereas Prince Harry is more loosey-goosey. It would be unseemly for William to be caught out," Arbiter said.

Like the wedding dress, will the boys' royal sendoff be kept quiet? Only time and the tabloids will tell!

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