Campaigning For The First Dog's Breed

As media speculation about the breed and arrival date for the First Dog reaches a fever pitch, Greg Nelson, founder of Labradoodles For Obama anxiously awaits an official announcement.

Mr. Nelson, a marketing consultant by day, started the campaign for the Obama family to pick his breed of choice – a Labradoodle – about a week before the Inauguration.

The campaign's founder says he never expected the type of attention his mission would garner.

"At no point did I expect for this to take on a life of its own," Mr. Nelson told "The cause started as a fun way to get people energized around the inauguration."

Eventually, he says, his campaign has adopted a mission of responsible ownership of man's best friend.

The campaign website has seen as many as 2,500 hits a day and 5,000 people have voted in the online poll hosted on the site, he said. Eighty-nine percent, Mr. Nelson points out, chose a Labradoodle for the Obamas rather than a Portuguese water dog.

Mr. Nelson and his miniature Labradoodle, Arbo – who is the President of Labradoodles for Obama – live in what they claim is the "closest single family home to the White House on 16th Street." He said he has set out large signs around his property which have added to his cause's success.

Labradoodles for Obama has opened up its own store on CafePress and all proceeds are donated to The Washington Humane Society and Washington Animal Rescue League.

The campaign worked up "a packet" of information which was apparently delivered to the First Family, though Mr. Nelson admits he has not heard anything from the White House in response.

Asked what the campaign's response would be if the Obama's picked a Portuguese Water Dog, Mr. Nelson admitted that the group had already worked up a public response.

"Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on the latest addition to your family. While I am disappointed that you did not choose a Labradoodle, I applaud your efforts of responsible dog ownership, specifically by taking your time in choosing a dog and breed appropriate for your family's lifestyle," Greg and Arbo would say in the form of a letter to the Obamas.

Mr. Nelson expressed his concern for the potential pet, saying that given the media hype the family will not have time to bond with their new dog.

"This poor dog can't ever have a regular life under the media" scrutiny, he lamented.

The founder and president of Labradoodles For Obama hope to become friendly with the First Pooch.

The Obama's and their pending puppy have an "open invitation to introduce them to their other dog neighbors in the Washington area," Mr. Nelson said - regardless of breed.

May the best dog win!