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Calif. teen aces AP calculus test, scores White House invitation

LOS ANGELES -- A Lincoln Heights teen got a perfect score on the AP Calculus exam and then scored an invitation to the White House, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Cedrick Argueta, 17, is the son of a Salvadoran maintenance worker and a Filipina nurse, was one of only 12 people out of the 302,531 students who took the advanced placement test to score every single point, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Among his admirers were President Obama, who tweeted Sunday morning, "Cedrick; way to go on your perfect score! How about you come by the next White House science fair?"

Argueta has not said whether he'll take up the president on his offer. He wants to attend CalTech in the fall, according to the Los Angeles Times, and his family is hoping he gets a scholarship.

To celebrate their son's achievement, the Arguetas took Cedrick to Roy's, his favorite restaurant in Pasadena, for a large pork shank, The Times reported. Waiters there also treated him to a free souffle.

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