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California State U. Announces 10 Percent Fee Increase

This story was written by Chris Bausinger, Spartan Daily
The California State University Board of Trustees voted to increase student fees by 10 percent Wednesday, according to a news release.

The new increase would raise fees by $276, bringing CSU fees to $3,048 annually.

California Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, who proposed a cap on student fees, said he was upset with the CSU's decision to increase fees according to the news release.

"Hiking taxes on our young people takes us in the opposite direction," Garamendi said. "Rather than making college available to more young people, fee hikes take California a step backwards."

Students and families now face a total cost of - including room, board, books, tuition and fees - $20,000 at the CSU, according to the news release. The expected cost at SJSU is $18,195, according to the SJSU financial aid Web site.

"Although we raised fees at this time, we are still the lowest in the nation," said Teresa Ruiz public affairs specialist for the CSU. "We never like raising student fees. We want to provide our students the best services that we can at the lowest, affordable cost possible.

"But given the state and the entire budget situation with California in general, the UCs and the CSUs are doing the best that we can."

Larry Carr, SJSU assistant vice president of government and community relations, said the fees are necessary to fund the services of a university.

"Student fees are an important part of the whole mix of how higher education is funded in California," he said.