Calif. mom files police report after son beat up at school

A West Hills, Calif. boy, 11, undergoing examination after he was allegedly beaten up in a dispute at school

Octavia Lindlahr via CBS Los Angeles

CANOGA PARK, Calif. - A West Hills, Calif. mother has filed a police report after she says her sixth-grade son was beat up at school, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Octavia Lindlahr filed the police report on Friday after spending the previous night in the emergency room as her son was checked out by a doctor.

"He [A student] kicked me in the shin and then he grabbed my head and he shoved it on the wall," 11-year-old Max Lindlahr told the station. He said he lost vision after hitting his head.

Max says the incident unfolded after he got a "little bit of mud" on another student's new shoes while on the soccer field, reports the station.

"He got very mad," Max said of the student.

His mom reportedly says the emergency room doctor confirmed a concussion.

The two boys who Max says beat him up, have been suspended for two days, according to the station.

But Lindlahr says more needs to be done and that the kids and their parents should undergo counseling. She says that's why she got police involved.

Officers have volunteered to meet with all three families.

Ingenium Charter School leaders told the station they have a legal obligation to first investigate and will then decide whether additional punishments should be imposed.