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Buzz Aldrin's legal fight against his family and ex-manager resolved

A lawyer for Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin said Wednesday a legal fight over whether Aldrin is competent to manage his affairs is over. Attorney Keith Durkin said two of Aldrin's adult children have withdrawn their petition seeking guardianship of Aldrin's affairs, and the former astronaut has dropped his civil lawsuit against his children and former manager.

Aldrin, 89, had accused them of financial shenanigans and slandering him.

A post on Aldrin's Twitter account reads: "This was the most charitable way to manage a difficult situation, as this year, which marks 50 years since we first step foot on the moon, is too important to my family, the nation and me. I'm looking forward to joining all my friends at the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary celebration at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Saturday, July 13 to celebrate — it will be an event to remember! Onward!"

Durkin didn't offer any further details.

In a statement, his children, Andy and Jan Aldrin, asked for privacy in allowing the family to work through their issues.

Aldrin sued his children after they filed a petition saying their father was suffering from delusions and paranoia.

Buzz Aldrin
Former NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin seen Nov. 12, 2015. Getty

In Aldrin's lawsuit, the former astronaut asked a judge to remove Andrew Aldrin from control of his financial affairs, social media accounts and several nonprofit and business enterprises. Andrew Aldrin had been a trustee of his father's trust. Buzz Aldrin said in the complaint that despite revoking the power of attorney he had given his son, Andrew Aldrin continued making financial decisions for him.

Aldrin accused his daughter, Janice, in the lawsuit of not acting in his financial interests and conspiracy, and he accused his former manager, Christina Korp, of fraud, exploitation of the elderly and unjust enrichment.

Also named in the lawsuit are several businesses and foundations run by the family. Aldrin's oldest son, James, is not involved in the legal fight.

Aldrin was a member of the Apollo 11 crew which landed the first two humans on the moon. Aldrin joined Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface in July 1969.

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