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Business Hacks Poll: Do You Prefer Google, Bing, or Yahoo in a Blind Taste Test?

Remember the Pepsi Challenge? You'd sip soda out of unmarked containers, only to discover that Pepsi tasted better despite your longtime preference for Coke. Blind Search is a mash-up that is doing for search engines what the Pepsi Challenge did for cola.

Enter a search term at Blind Search, and you'll be rewarded with three unlabeled columns of results. Vote for the column with the search results you like the best, and the site will then identify the columns. It's a brilliant idea, and one that can help you find the search engine that really works best for you -- even if it's not the one you have been using for years.

I was quite surprised to find that, for me, Google didn't win -- more than half the time. I ran ten searches, and discovered that Google won 4, Bing won 4, and Yahoo won 2. Granted, that was my anecdotal experience based on both the particular searches I ran, and what sort of results I was looking for. So I'd love to know what you think. Take the Blind Search and vote in the poll: