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Bush's Daughter Barbara Glad Obama's Health Care Reforms Passed

Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush, the daughter of former Republican President George W. Bush, made clear yesterday she doesn't take the traditional conservative position on health care reform.

"Why do, basically, people with money have good health care, and why do people that live on lower salaries not have good health care?" Bush asked in an interview that aired yesterday on Fox News Sunday. "Health should be a right for everyone."

Many supporters of President Obama's recently-passed health care reforms said they were necessary because health care is a right. Bush confirmed she is "glad the bill passed."

Bush runs the nonprofit Global Health Corps, which funds recent college graduates to work on public health for a year, either in American cities like Newark or Boston, or in Africa. She became committed to health care after traveling to Africa with her parents.

Bush's mother, former First Lady Laura Bush, also recently revealed some liberal views on polarizing issues; she supports gay marriage and supports the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade.

Stephanie Condon

Stephanie Condon is a political reporter for

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