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Bush Adviser Weighs In On Foreign Policy Legacy

As the Bush administration continues to buff its legacy, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley is weighing in on the foreign policy record.

In remarks prepared for a Washington speech later today, Hadley says, "Today, despite the violence in Gaza, there is the prospect of a freer and more hopeful future for the region."

While the administration's strategy has failed to produce an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, Hadley says the president has pushed for "Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security."

Hadley says Iran poses "the biggest (Mideast regional) challenge" for the incoming administration. He warns that, "negotiations with Iran, as some have proposed, without leverage on Iran will not produce a change in Iranian behavior or advance U.S. Interests."

Hadley contends the Bush administration has left the Obama team with significantly increased leverage on Iran.

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