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Bulls become buddies with bulldog, on The Feed!

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include an apprehensive bulldog making some new friends and an epic Memorial Day weekend garage sale.

First up, this video from Stefan Danielsson shows the moment when Manfred the Swedish bulldog comes in contact with a herd of bulls. What starts out with caution becomes one adorable love fest, as the two species set aside their differences and exchange some kisses.

And, over the weekend, at 173 Ferrini Road in San Luis Obispo, California, there was an epic garage sale with an epic ad posted by nickisshort. Nick, Matt and Rhys needed to sell all their stuff because they're moving out soon. So, what better way to quickly unload it than to sell every item for a dollar each? No word on how much they made, but they were expecting "tens of dozens of dollars."

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