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Bull breaks loose in NYC, rescued by Jon Stewart

NEW YORK- A bull busted loose from a New York City slaughterhouse, briefly tasted college life and ended up being rescued by an iconic comedian.

The runaway bovine's unlikely journey started as it was being taken off a truck at a slaughterhouse in Queens. After getting free, the animal made its way onto the campus of York College, where it startled a group of students there on a tour.

"As we turned the corner, one kid yelled out 'cow.' I'm thinking it was an April Fool's joke, and lo and behold, it was a cow," chaperone Tyrone Sellers said.

Students snapped photos and took video before the steer was eventually wrangled and taken to an animal control facility, where it was dubbed Frank Lee after a prisoner who escaped from Alcatraz.

Cows running around at york college

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It was later taken to an animal sanctuary run by former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart and his wife, who are animal advocates.

Jon and Tracey Stewart share new mission with "Do Unto Animals"

It's not the first bovine to hit New York's streets.

In January, a cow that fled from a slaughterhouse in Queens was taken in by an animal sanctuary and renamed for rock legend Freddie Mercury.

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