Build Sales Partnerships in 5 Easy Steps

Last Updated Jun 9, 2010 8:46 AM EDT

The traditional view of the sales rep is the "lone wolf" or the "road warrior" who overcomes objections and wins the deal. However, in many B2B selling environments, it's only possible to put together a deal with the cooperation of multiple companies. And that means multiple sale reps from multiple firms working together.

For example, a company selling printing services may need to involve a graphic design company, a shipping firm and a paper supplier in order to clinch the deal. Similarly, the sale of a customized software system may involve components sources from half-a-dozen firms, requiring the active participation of half-a-dozen sales reps.

Unfortunately, not every sales professional knows how to build the kind of sales partnerships that allow teams of reps to pursue and win these complex opportunities. This post contains an easy-to-understand, five step process for creating and maintaining sales partnerships that help you sell.

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Note: This post is based on a conversation the amazing and enlightening Ed Rigsbee, author of PartnerShift, Developing Strategic Alliances, and The Art of Partnering.

Illustrations by LuMaxArt