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Bruce Springsteen reveals former battle with depression

Bruce Springsteen performs in Berlin on May 5, 2012. Getty

(CBS News) Bruce Springsteen's former battle with depression comes to light in a new profile piece published in The New Yorker.

The rocker's friend and biographer Dave Marsh said Springsteen experienced severe depression in the early '80s, particularly around the release of the "Nebraska" album in 1982.

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"He was feeling suicidal," Marsh said. "The depression wasn't shocking, per se. He was on a rocket ride, from nothing to something, and now you are getting your ass kissed day and night. You might start to have some inner conflicts about your real self-worth."

The Boss, himself, opened up about his struggles. He said that at the time, playing four-hour long concerts was driven by "pure fear and self-loathing and self-hatred."

"My issues weren't as obvious as drugs," Springsteen said. "Mine were different, they were quieter--just as problematic, but quieter. With all artists, because of the undertow of history and self-loathing, there is a tremendous push toward self-obliteration that occurs onstage.

Springsteen first sought out therapy in 1982 and has been vocal about his continued visits to a psychotherapist through the years.

"I'm thirty years in analysis!" he told the magazine. "Look, you cannot underestimate the fine power of self-loathing in all of this. You think, I don't like anything I'm seeing, I don't like anything I'm doing, but I need to change myself, I need to transform myself. I do not know a single artist who does not run on that fuel."

His wife, Patti Scialfa, spoke with The New Yorker about how Springsteen overcame depression through therapy.

"He was able to look at himself and battle it out ... I suffered from depression myself, so I knew what that was about. Clinical depression -- I knew what that was about. I felt very akin to him."

Springsteen, 62, continues to play epic-long shows this summer while on tour with the E Street Band behind its latest album, "Wrecking Ball."

Watch a recent performance below:

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