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British toy collector talks about staplers and an old college prank

(CBS News) We were first introduced to Tim Rowett, a British collector of science-related toys, here on The Feed a bit over a week ago in the form of a prank disguised as a demonstration. And, honestly, we've just been fascinated with him ever since. So we have for you two more fun items featuring the quirky collector starting with some unique staplers on display in the video above.

There's just something so wonderful about his excitement, curiosity and way with words in describing anything he has on display within his series of videos that absolutely captures your attention and puts a smile on your face. Rowett writes about this particular stapler demonstration:

Ito-ya is probably the most famous stationery store in Tokyo, with 4 floors to explore. Many items that you can buy in Japan never get exported to the West, and here are two examples of unusual staplers that we do not think you can obtain outside Japan.

Firstly, a stapler that seems to staple normally, except that on the underside, the two ends of the staple are completely flat. Normally a staple is folded with two curves underneath, that can catch on things. But this stapler creates a perfect flat staple!

The second stapler can be used for creating small booklets, where a normal stapler would not be long enough to reach the centre. Here you just swivel the end of the stapler, and now it staples at 90 degrees to the normal direction.

Very clever!

And to add a little bit more fun to this post and up the amusement ante, I'm including a 2010 video below of Tim Rowett showing and telling the story of an old college prank that pre-dates Photoshop by a few decades, but still manages to pull off an amazing photo manipulation. And if you'd like to see more wonderful work from Tim Rowett, be sure to visit his website by clicking here.